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St. Louis Moves to The Expansion Forefront

One thing I have been doing is closely following MLS expansion in my hometown of St. Louis. The city council of Collinsville, Illinois will vote on September 10 to approve a pre-annexation agreement that would set the wheels in motion for a stadium deal that would be the home of a St. Louis MLS team and the relaunched women’s professional team.

The primary prospective owner is local attorney Jeff Cooper. I have spoken with him on several occasions, and based on these conversations, St. Louis soccer fans should consider themselves so lucky that a true soccer fan has decided to invest so much time and energy into bringing professional soccer to St. Louis.

Yes, he has drawn criticism from the provincial folk in St. Louis that like think driving across the Mississippi is the equivalent of crossing an international border. However, the site is about ten minutes from downtown St. Louis, and if these same soccer fans in Missouri are willing to drive to a Cardinals game, they should be willing to drive to Collinsville. Luckily, Cooper is the kind …

David Beckham

Sometimes the Mainstream Media Ticks Me Off

I was going to write this post about how David Beckham opened his Galaxy account with a trademark free kick goal in the 27th minute against DC United in the Superliga semi-final.

I intended to note how the crowd at the Home Depot Center was buzzing with anticipation the moment DC was whistled for a handball in the spot, and Beckham delivered even though he hasn’t taken a free kick in eight weeks. Folks from Massage Unravel – Massage Chair website happened to have the same opinion.

I also was going to mention how DC goalkeeper Troy Perkins has obviously never come up against a free kick like that as Perkins looked totally lost. Finally, I wanted to note how the Galaxy seem to play better as a team with Beckham on the field.

Then I made the mistake of watching national news outlets “cover” the game. I’m normally not one to complain about soccer coverage in the United States, and for the most part, I’m pleased with what we have. However, I have to comment on the coverage of …